Terms & Conditions

“Business” or “We” or “us” or “our” refer to A C N 622 047 901 PTY LTD trading as Lush Hand Car Wash, ABN: 35622047901. 49 Shenton st NORTHBRIDGE WA WA 6003, Tel: 0404 928 852 lushcarwash.northbridge@gmail.com

“Customer” or “You” or “your” refers to anyone who hires our equipment.

“Car” refers to any automotive vehicle.

Lush Hand Car Wash offers Car wash, Car Detailing, Minor Car body repairs to individuals and corporates. We use premium AUTOSMART brand chemicals which are extensively used in the Carwash industry in Australia for many years.

Our Wash and detail packages along with prices and descriptions are displayed on our website, https://lushhandcarwash.com.au/ . We can generate a custom quote for your car condition, your needs and budget as well.

Book your service online at https://lushhandcarwash.com.au/book-your-wash/ . All bookings are auto confirmed via email. Alternatively you can call us or email us.

Clear all rubbish from the car or drop it onto the car floor. Remove all console attachments and keep them in the glove box or on the seal, for better access and wipe. Do not leave any cash, valuables or important papers in the car. All the stuff that is on the car floor will be sucked away or thrown away. Other stuff will be put back in the same place.

Remove Car seats. Remove seat covers if seat shampoo or Leather treatment is part of service. All bookings are auto confirmed via email. Alternatively you can call us or email us.

You pay us at the end of the service at our counter. You can pay us by cash, EFT or card (MASTERCARD, VISA, AMEX, Union Pay). If you have any discount vouchers, please present them before payment. If you have prepaid your service, please present the redemption code.

You can always ask and We will refund any amounts you paid prior to service. No Refunds once we serviced your car.

Our services do not carry any warranty period. You inspect your car thoroughly prior to moving off our premises.


You let us know if any part of your car is not in good condition, prone to damage if extra care is not taken. For Example,

External: Loose external body parts or panels, license plates, broken light shields, Mirrors or windows not operating or damaged, broken door seals etc. Any part of your car that is sensitive to AUTOSMART range of chemicals.
Internal: Loose console parts, damaged buttons, broken trim panels or parts, broken handles, torn covers or seats or leather.
In absence of any information from you, we will wash, clean and detail the car at our normal pace and standard procedure with good care but no responsibility for damaged parts and components of your car incurring further damage. We specifically exclude ourselves from all pre existing damage to your car. Please take photos or video of your car prior to service for your own protection.

Our liability towards your car, in all circumstances, shall not exceed the amount you owe or paid us.

Please write to lushcarwash.northbridge@gmail.com or call us at 0404 928 852. We will respond within 3 business days and try to resolve your complaint. We will suggest how you can escalate the dispute if you are not satisfied.

We do not sell, give away or use your personal information in any way other than intended use. We will delete all your personal information from our systems upon request.

All applicable laws in the state of Western Australia.