Book at Northbridge

Booking Guidelines:

Car size:

Mini, 2 door, Compacts, Sedan, Hatch

Mid size
Compact SUV, Wagon, Ute

Full SUV, 4WD, Dual cab, Mini Van


  • Please book in advance of 1 day (up to 90 days in advance)
  • Same day bookings are allowed by the system but we may need more time or even reject the booking depending on how busy we are on that day.
  • RED DUSTERS can be booked ONLY for deatil packs (>$150).
  • If there is any VOMIT or biological waste, You need to do a preliminary clean and book a detail pack. Extra charges apply.
  • Do not expect a detail quality with Silver, Gold and diamond. What you pay is what you get.
  • Read our Terms & Conditions